Jeddah Youth Hostel
Address: Stadium District - West of Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium
Phone: 012601023 Reception: 0126010073 Ext. 111
Fax: 0126010212
Email: Jeddah@SAYHA.ORG.SA

Description of the youth hostel site: The house is located southeast of the city of Jeddah, 8 km northwest of the city center, and the house is located next to the Waziriya neighborhood where there are restaurants, shops, and car rental offices, and the house is washed to serve guests and is 20 km from King Abdulaziz Airport (the price The cost of the taxi from the airport to the house is approximately 70 riyals) and it is 9 km from the Jeddah Islamic Port (the cost of the taxi from the port to the house is approximately 20 riyals)

the prices :
          For individuals 30 riyals / groups 30 riyals

House Capacity:

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